YouTube Testing new Color Coding Feature

YouTube is experimenting with a new feature that divides the entire broadcast into color group

Utilizing RGB color codes to categorize and curate videos based on the predominant color in the thumbnail.

Users can interact with the color tabs at the top of the suggestions to access videos with a specific color, enhancing the overall browsing experience.

The feature is integrated into the 'Craving Something New' card, allowing users to create a video stream based on color

This color-coded video breakdown includes options for red, green, and blue, accessible through the "Want something new?" section

YouTube, as part of its continuous experimentation, introduces this feature to offer users a unique way to organize content.

The color labels for red, green, and blue are conveniently located in the top menu options, alongside tabs for music.

Google optimizes content based on the visible hue of a video thumbnail, automatically placing videos on different colormaps.

YouTube has not officially disclosed details about how this feature handles videos with the new color-coded tags.

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