HMD Saying GOOD BYE to Nokia

HMD Global, the current custodian of the Nokia brand, hints at a transition in branding

The company emphasizes 2024 as "the year of Human Mobile Devices" with a focus on original HMD devices and new partnerships.

HMD Global delivers mixed signals regarding the future of Nokia product

While encouraging customers to continue shopping for Nokia phones, tablets, and accessories

Observers speculate that the ambiguous messaging and the absence of a commitment to new Nokia product

The company refrains from affirming the introduction of new Nokia devices before the licensing agreement concludes.

Lars Silberbauer, CMO of Nokia Phones and HMD, suggests a broader vision beyond Nokia phone

This transition involves the establishment of a distinct HMD brand product line and collaborations set to be unveiled at MWC.

Silberbauer's statement raises uncertainties about the long-term prospects of the Nokia brand

The blog post and Silberbauer's comments do not explicitly address the development of new Nokia products post-2026

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