GTA 6 — Release date rumors

GTA 6 trailer released, unveiling a Vice City setting and introducing the series' first female protagonist.

Rockstar confirms a 2025 launch window for GTA 6, after a decade-long wait since the last installment.

Development for GTA 6 reportedly facing delays, potentially pushing the release to late 2025 or even 2026.

Take Two's earnings call may provide insights into the actual release date, possibly hinting at an early 2025 launch.

The early release of the GTA 6 trailer was prompted by leaks, indicating significant interest and anticipation among fans.

Rockstar faced a major leak in 2022 with over 90 videos of unfinished gameplay being accessed illegally.

Despite the setback, Rockstar assures fans that work on GTA 6 continues as planned, promising more updates soon.