Google Pixel 9 - Every rumors till now

The Pixel 9 is expected to follow Google's historical release pattern, likely debuting in October 2024

While Google traditionally releases two models, a standard Pixel and a larger Pro variant, a leaked roadmap hints at the possibility of three Pixel 9 models.

This could include two versions of the Pro, with one featuring a smaller screen and a telephoto lens.

Early predictions suggest potential increases in screen size for the Pixel 9 lineup. 

Leaked renders indicate a 6.5-inch display for the Pixel 9 Pro and a 6.1-inch screen for the standard Pixel 9. 

Design changes include a modified horizontal camera bar with rounded ends, departing from the previous edge-to-edge design.

Leaked renders of the Pixel 9 Pro suggest a third camera lens in the rear camera bar, hinting at the inclusion of a telephoto lens for the standard model. 

Departure from the previous Pro-exclusive telephoto feature could be a notable enhancement for the Pixel 9.

The Pixel 9 lineup is expected to feature the Tensor G4 chipset, reflecting Google's commitment to its custom-designed Tensor chip

While Tensor may not focus solely on high-speed performance, improvements in graphics rendering are hoped for

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